The winners!

-to everyone who attended my give-away! Absolutely amazing that so many
wanted to attend. However I understand you quite well, the photos of Vee Speers is absolutely
wonderful! The reason I'm giving away some of the ones I have, is that I bought several of
each poster when I was in Stockholm this autumn. Only considering being able to give
away some of them. I have to share the joy, right!?

Today I almost had a stomach ache, I dreaded having to draw a winner.
Ideally I would have given each of you a poster each. You all deserve one.
So to avoid mind games and tough choices,  I let random.org do the job for me.
I let random find a number for me, between 1 and 85. (85 people commented +
one exstra comment from same writer. The number to random picked out was;

64! The 64th comment was from an anonymous:

I've seen these pictures so many times on blogs but never to buy anywhere.
All my attempts to find out about the creator of this poster failed.
So happy to have the opportunity to participate in your competition AND find out that
the poster is from Vee Speers :-) I would love to have the poster with the
girl blowing the ballon, it would be the perfect match for our "allrum".

Thanks, Seraina

Congratulation, Seraina!
You wont the girl with the pink dress!  
Please send your address to me. 

This giveaway went parallel on Instagram too. Until I completed the competition, 
there were 288 who had shared tag #anmagrittspeers. Again I let random.org find another 
number for me, and the number that random chose was; 103 
I counted, and found delightupondelight on that number. 

Congratulations to delightupondelight,
you won the black angel! 
Please send your address to me. 

The poster below have already been given away.

I have an extra surprise to you, I have another Vee Speers poster here
that I would like to give away. The thing is, I think this one is for the 
specially interested. The motive is the boy with the weapons. I am not sure why I 
bought just this, cause I don't want in on my own wall. But I believe that there are 
someone out there that would love this one. 

The rules for this one; 
I only give this one away on my blog. (Not Instagram this time.)
You must REALLY like to have this poster.
You will put this on your wall, somewhere in your home. 
You have to have a blog/Instagram/Facebook, to share a picture of the poster, on your wall 
You have to tell me why you really want this one. 

The reason I set these kinds of "rules" is that I don't want to give this poster away to anyone
that want it, "just because it is a Vee Speers poster." I want to give this away to 
someone that really, really want this one, and to a person that would appreciate it in the 
right way. Not just put the poster away in a drawer 

The picture I am talking about is this; 

The first one that put a comment below and tell mw why they want it,
will get the poster for free.

So, think about it! Do you really want it? Remember the rules!

Thank you again, everybody! 

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7 kommentarer:

  1. ops... jeg ønsker den for den er NYDELIG... ;-)

    1. Den er din! (Du er heeelt sikker på at du vil ha den på veggen? Det er et av "kravene" mine!)


  2. JIPPI! hehe.. Ja klart!! Jeg syns den er veldig sterk men utrolig stilig, den skal HELT klart på veggen! <3 Tusen tusen takk! Sender du til UK? Hvis ikke kan det vente til jeg flytter hjem til Norge til sommeren, da skal du få se bilde av den på veggen ;-)

    1. Herlig! Ikke noe problem, jeg sender til UK. Send meg adressen din du.

  3. Tusen takk! Nå ble jeg overrasket, vinner aldri noe.. hehe.. ;-) da sender jeg til emailen din! :) god helg:):)

    1. Da var det meningen at det var du som skulle ha denne, vet du.

      God Helg!! <3